SOLD A2/A2 Jersey x Red Dutch Belt Bull Calf


8mo Jersey X Dutch Belt Bull calf ready for breeding in a few months



Redbud is 50% grade Jersey 50% reg A2/A2 Red Dutch Belt bull calf, born 1/6/23 here on our regenerative homestead. We have kept cattle for 7 years and his Granddam was our family cow through 3 lactations with zero issue. She was a cow that anyone could sit and milk, adult and child. She hand milked out easily, had wonderful milk with high fertility. I never had any problem with her, she was so easy to work with, never even wore a halter, rope around her neck and could milk her in the field. His dam will be staying on as our current family cow, he is her first calf. She calved unassisted and without issue and has been a perfect Mom. Our cattle live on pasture with shelter and fed hay as needed, they have access to organic kelp meal, loose Redmond salt, and a mineral mix I make according to Pat Colbey’s recipe. Our cattle wear their horns and I will not sell to a home where they will be removed. Our cattle receive no conventional medicine or any vaccines. He was imprinted by me at birth, but has not been handled greatly as he has grown. He does enjoy scratches, but I do interact with the respect deserved with a bull. He is dam raised and has only ever had milk, forage, and hay. We keep a closed herd and his dam is tested clean of BLV, BVD, Johne’s, TB, Brucellosis, and Q-fever. We have raised both Jerseys and Dutch Belted cattle and have been thoroughly happy with both breeds for homestead cattle for milk and beef raised on grass. Located in SE Michigan. Possible delivery within reasonable distance. Contact: Tyrah 7344173930

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