Q: Which breeds are available through the Hub?

A: Please see the Breeds Available through the Hub page.

Q: As someone who is just starting their homestead. I really love this. But I am concerned that there will not be any sellers in my area. I would have already signed up as a buyer if there was some way to alleviate that concern.

A: I can’t guarantee that there will be breeders in any particular area but there is another option if you aren’t ready to commit yet. You can join our free waitlist to let the Hub breeders know which animals you are looking for and they can contact you if they have an animal that might be a match for you.

If you do decide to join and don’t find breeders in your area you can also use transport. Personally I would rather transport an animal that’s reared naturally than buy one just because it’s local but that’s up to you of course!

Q: I’m super excited about this! What a neat connection for farms and homesteads all across the country. A question did have was as a breeder, do I have access to the buyer area or is that a separate subscription? I’d love to be able to also support other breeders when I’m on the market for animals.

A: It is all included! Breeders and service providers will get access to all the directory and listings information and there’s also a “breeder to breeder” forum just for breeders to connect and have conversations with each other!

Q: What if I don’t meet all of the breeder standards? Can I still be included in the directory?

A: If you do not meet all of the standards for all of your animals, you can apply for just the breeds that do meet the standards to be listed on your directory profile. If you don’t meet all of the standards for any of your breeds, I’d encourage you to join as a buyer member for now and we can support you in learning more about shifting your practices.

Q: I love the website but I’m honestly just done with signing up for everything and having recurring payments, memberships, etc. Is there another way to be part of the Hub?

A: Yes! You can now chose a Lifetime Membership option if you’re joining as a buyer. If you’re joining as a breeder or provider we can make a trade instead of you paying a membership fee. For example, you can create a 20-30 minute training video on a topic related to holistic animal care that will be shared on the resources page inside the hub. If you feel you can contribute in another way, please don’t hesitate to reach out! There is not a lifetime membership option for breeders and service providers because too often directories end up filled with retired or otherwise non-active breeders and providers which then takes time away from buyers rather than helping them connect with usable resources.

Please use the contact form if you have another question that isn’t addressed here.