Our Standards

This standard is established in accordance with the mission of the Holistic Homesteaders Hub, and is the Code of Ethics that all breeders in the directory agree to.

As a breeder member of the Holistic Homesteaders Hub, I state that:

  1. I am committed to feeding my animals a completely species appropriate diet:
    • I feed my carnivores (dogs & cats) only a RAW meat, organs, bones + roughage diet, and do not feed cooked foods, processed kibble or canned foods even as a treat or supplement.
    • I feed ruminants and pseudo ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats, alpaca etc) appropriate grass/roughage according to their species, never grain. Cattle and sheep are on pasture with hay supplemented as needed. Sheep are given access to forbs (broadleaf “weeds”). Goats are given access to browse such as woody, shrubby plants, leaves, twigs and vines.
    • I feed omnivores (poultry, pigs) a mixed diet of both plants and animal and/or insect protein, never a “vegetarian” diet.
  2. I do not vaccinate at all (except and only where required by state laws).
  3. I do not use chemical products in, on or around my animals, including but not limited to commercial flea and fly preventatives, shampoos, cleaning products, air fresheners, lawn & garden pesticides, etc.
  4. I have been feeding a species appropriate diet to my animals and weaning offspring on to a species appropriate diet for at least three years.
  5. I breed my animals with care and attention for the preservation and improvement of my chosen breed(s). I research health, temperament, and conformation (correct structure) for each breeding.
  6. I either already know the genetic health background of my animals or I preform genetic testing on breeding animals whenever available for the health issues said to be prevalent in my breed and provide copies of all appropriate health and genetic clearances to buyers when asked.
  7. I ensure that my animals that are offered for stud services and my females that are receiving stud service are structurally sound and in good health. 
  8. I rear young animals with species appropriate socialization, enrichment and stimulation. (For eg, Puppy Culture produces smarter, better emotionally and socially adjusted dogs).  
  9. I hold myself responsible for the welfare of every animal I breed and/or sell:
    • I provide health and temperament information on my breed in general as well as on my specific animals to all prospective buyers.
    • I remain available to my buyers for the life of the animal; to mentor if need be and provide education in holistic/natural rearing.
    • I take back animals at any time during their life if needed, ensuring that each animal I breed has a home for its lifetime.
  10. I personally and carefully screen each prospective buyer to ensure that the home is appropriate for the breed and the individual animal and I make every effort to place animals in homes where they will continue to rear them holistically (species appropriate diet/no vaccines/toxin & chemical free environment etc).
  11. All placements are done by me, the breeder, never by third parties such as brokers, dealers, or wholesalers, nor through auctions, or as prizes.
    • I will sell no animal to a commercial facility, broker, pet shop, puppy mill or their agent.
    • I refuse to sell any animal to a buyer who cannot or will not provide evidence of ability to properly care for the animal.
  12. I am a member in good standing of at least one club or organization related to my chosen breed(s). For eg, a national breed club, a show club, educational organization, homestead/farm related, or breed rescue.